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How To Multitask And Retain Your Focus

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I am a self-driven, confident individual who excels at multitasking and working under minimum supervision individually or in a team. Does this sound like you or is it the perfect you that exists only on your CV or cover letters? Have you ever so confidently described yourself in this manner while facing interviewers because you knew that if you told them the truth that you were terrible at juggling different tasks you would be considered an unbalanced and weak character? Well, the real you doesn't have to be very far from that perfect CV description, you can with immediate effect learn how to properly multitask. You can become that exceptional individual who excels in handling more than one task while producing remarkable results if you consider the following recommendations:

1. Can you handle it?

I remember marveling at a certain woman I observed feeding her baby on one side, helping her daughter with homework on the other, and keeping an eye on her pots on the stove at the same time. What topped it all up was her ability to hold a meaningful conversation with us her visitors as well. She is a superwoman! I exclaimed to myself and I decided I was going to give it a try too. My disappointment came when my failed attempt resulted in me messing up all the activities I was trying to do. You see I had tried to do it almost exactly as I had seen her do, little did I know she also had taken time to perfect her craft. You also as you go about handling the many demands that concurrently require your attention, take baby steps. You could start off by juggling two activities and then three. As you prove yourself capable of handling more then you expand.


2. Have clearly defined aims

Nothing chases away distractions like clearly marked targets. The mind understands structure, deadlines, and destinations and so when they are well labeled it knows to go for them without fail. If you set out to just 'browse and see what you will find', laziness and lack of focus becomes your portion. Get rid of such by predetermining exactly what you want to achieve in the many activities you take on and refusing to slumber until they are properly done.

3. Write it down

To cement the previous point, it is ideal not to keep those objectives in your head where they can easily be forgotten anytime. Pen them down preferably in a journal that you keep at close proximity.

4. Minimize the active tasks

Simultaneously you can vacuum the floor while your casserole cooks in the oven as you listen to some language learning audio lessons. These activities can be harmoniously done at the same time because only one of them requires your active concentration and that is the language learning one. The other two are just mechanical chores that don't place much demand on your conscious thinking. When multitasking it is important that you minimize the active chores so that your concentration isn't divided to an extent that you cannot manipulate.

5. Uproot distractions

The temptation is high when you've already opened many windows on your internet browser to go ahead and open games and social media applications. These usually give the impression that they won't take much of your time but be careful, they are wolves in sheep's clothing. They entice you by suggesting that you need to regularly refresh from all that serious work through them but when you take time to assess how much time you spend on them, you realize it is a considerable amount. When it comes to time, seconds can be likened to pennies. Small as they may be, they do add up to pounds and therefore need to be handled with care.

Life continually calls on you to have vast knowledge in a variety of subjects while the need for specialized information in at least one field is also a necessity. While you need to be focused on maintaining a healthy, strong body, the mind also calls on you to feed it the necessary ideas and inspiration for it to continually develop. Time doesn't halt neither does it slow down for anyone to catch up on one area or the other. Problems come from different directions all in real-time and they require real-time solutions. While you build meaningful relationships, your financial life also calls for constant cultivation and improvement. Going onto one thing at a time with all might and undivided attention is the ideal way to keep your focus at optimum levels but life is colorfully designed in a way that makes this very difficult to do. For this reason, juggling more than one focus area will always be an art you need to master. 

Peace, Love & Prosperity! 

Mario Sousa

Heart-Centered Leadership

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