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Raising Creative Children Through Entrepreneurship

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Kids are a curious bunch of adorable beings. If you have ever raised or stayed with a toddler before, you know the thousand questions that they never think twice about asking. You know how you have probably lied to them sometimes to stop them from going deeper into something you weren’t so well-versed in. Most motivational talks and books on entrepreneurship and similar topics are addressed to adults so if you have a child under your care or mentorship it is your duty to teach them what you know. That is not difficult considering how they so easily practice monkey see monkey do. You therefore just need to be a doer yourself and watch as they become as you are. Read on to find out some of the dos and don’ts to consider if you want to raise sharp, creative children through entrepreneurship.

1. Do start with whatever you have.

A child will appreciate the process of using paper, scissors, glue, and plastic to make a piggy bank and then be thrilled as they learn the essence of saving money from you just as much as they would be happy to receive one from you as a present so never postpone teaching them the good values of entrepreneurship just because you don’t have a budget for it. They aren’t complicated people, by the way, using as much as you have to create value is part of entrepreneurship so go ahead and start where you are, with what you have to inspire and lead them to become creating children.

2. Do listen to their desires.

Children communicate their wishes, preferences, and general thoughts however sometimes as parents we just don’t take time to hear them out. If a child constantly says they don’t know when you ask them something then they are probably tired of being overruled at every turn. They may have noticed that their opinion is considered unimportant so they have given up on attempting to air it. Regardless of how silly it sounds, try to listen to your child so as to discern their likes and then develop their strengths instead of working overtime pushing them to do something they aren’t good at or have no interest in.

3. Do not take over the exercise.

While it is a great thing to show enthusiasm in teaching your child what you know about innovating and working out good ideas, nothing says ‘I believe in your capabilities’ more than taking a step back to allow them to figure things out on their own way. The temptation to perfect stuff for them is great, but meet them at their level of thinking and let them make their mistakes as they go. In your child’s project be a supervisor as you guide and correct. If you take over you spoil the learning process for them.

4. Do find fun ways to do it.

Among the many adjectives, kids use to describe grown-ups, boring tops most of their lists. You know your child’s concentration span, don't you? If you don't, please find it out before bombarding them with too much educational information that they won’t be able to retain. Teach them entrepreneurship in fun ways that are age-appropriate to them. Use colorful language, pictures, and videos to stimulate their minds. Do a lot more demonstrating than talking and you won't so easily lose them.

5. Do find them mentors, if their interest is in something you aren’t so well versed at.

Just because you are passionate about making music doesn’t mean your child should or will be as well. There are high chances she or he will though, especially if you are very good at what you do. If however, they have different interests, let it be known to them that you support their individuality. Should you see a need to get them a tutor or mentor in their area of interest be open to do so.

6. Do not think it’s too early.

It's amazing the number of stuff kids are able to keep in their subconscious minds from a very early age. Despise not humble beginnings. Even while they are babies you can begin to make rhymes for them that promote their creative abilities. As they grow older purposefully make it a point for them to see you in action and as they gain interest continue to orient them. If they are too young to understand something, kindly tell them that it will make sense later.

Your words and actions have a great impact on your children’s behaviors. Attitudes behind these words and actions may seem silent but they too have a strong bearing on them. If they are to see themselves as victors and not losers then you first have to see them as such, say it, and let your actions bear witness to this belief. Do the groundwork early enough and you won’t have to keep working hard on your children, they will grow backbones and be able to stand up for themselves and their dreams.

Peace, Love & Prosperity!

Mario Sousa

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