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Never Say Later

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“Maybe let’s talk about this later” is usually a polite way of saying “can we drop this?” When exactly is later? A minute later or an hour from now? Tomorrow? Next month in the next coming couple of years? It is the uncertainty tied to the term that causes it to become meaningless. To their children, parents sometimes say, “Just do what I say, I will explain it later,” but never do. If they come back later for the explanation, they may be shooed off again and warned from becoming a nuisance.

Confused about something? Ask questions and seek clarification. Do it now, settle that, and move on. There is no time like the present to fix a misunderstanding you may have with someone. Do it before emotions are wasted and the damage overdone. Those brilliant ideas that come into mind, think upon them, and find out how you can carry them out before complacency takes over. Without you acting on them, they remain just as ideas and you may begin to second-guess their brilliance. Now is the time to act.

If it is important do it already. You have enough time for the things you deem essential. Your mind usually brings things to your attention at the right time for you to do them but if you are not careful, excuses come in just as quick, "I am a bit tired now, I don't have the money yet, when I get the time I will do it, I don’t feel inspired to yet…” a year later when you wake up to the reality that you haven’t made progress then you realize you could have started with what you had back then and by now achieved much. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

I know a complacent dear lady in her forties. One remarkable thing about her character is her confidence which usually borders on arrogance. She has all the reasons why her life's circumstances are mostly beyond her control and why there is little she can do now to change them. She loves her comfort so whenever something attacks it, she quickly cuts that thing off. For example, this is what she had to say concerning marriage, “Whether or not one gets married is beyond their control. What can I do if I haven’t found the one yet? Whenever those thoughts about why I’m still single try to occupy my mind and disturb my peace, I ask myself if there is anything, I can do about the situation now. If the answer is no, I immediately stop all that madness.”

Though I agree with her that the journey to getting a good partner is not exactly a straightforward one, I still insist that there is always something one can do today to increase their chances of getting whatever they want whenever that will be. In this case that could be working on self, developing a strong and charming character that is attractive to the next person. It could mean reading books on communication in relationships and how to understand the opposite sex. It is quite selfish to expect to find a perfect partner without taking steps to become better yourself. There is a lot one could do presently to make sure they are a pleasant person capable of giving as much as they receive in a relationship.


Have you ever noticed how bad the mind is at consciously focusing on many things? It is for this reason that you need to clear it out as often as possible of clutter. Do your chores or duties as soon as possible especially the ones you don’t like so that you may focus your mind on important things. Get rid of the “I’ll do it later” mentality, it is responsible for a lot of chaos in your space. Those nagging thoughts about the things you need to get done disrupt the processing power of your mind.

Something important can genuinely cross your mind while you are busy with something else. Instead of just brushing it off and saying you will do it later, assign a specific time. Of course, you are no octopus so definitely, some things need to be done later but it is the power of specificity that we are talking about here.

One too many times I have heard the sad story of regret told whereby one thought of visiting or at least calling their loved ones but didn't and now they are gone. That is the problem with procrastination's keyword LATER. It robs you of pleasant encounters you could spontaneously enjoy. It gives you the impression that you have forever to get things done. You wake up one day and the people that you loved the most, the people that were most deserving of your time are no longer accessible just because you told them you would make time for them later.

Even dreams die, some are resting in peace in your journal where you carefully penned them and then concluded that you would work on them LATER.

Peace, Love & Prosperity!

Mario Sousa

Heart-Centered Leadership

My team and I are on a mission to lead other like-minded, heart-centered business leaders that are ready to make a bigger impact in their personal lives, their communities and around the world. Please review the information below and reach out to me personally with any questions you might have. The future looks extremely bright, if you see what I see, let's work together.

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