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Meditation And Focus

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Working on a task and concentrating on it intensely for the period you are supposed to can be difficult because of all the things that constantly demand your attention. Responding to important emails, answering calls, maintaining relationships, attending to requests from your coworkers, etc. Maintaining your focus isn’t easy when you are being pulled from different directions and you feel you always have a million things to do.

Fortunately, there are effective and practical ways of improving your focus so you can finish your daily tasks and achieve anything you set your mind. Such as gaining more control over your work, planning your day right, eliminating distractions, exercising, and meditating.

Meditation is by far the most effective way of maintaining your focus because it helps you to think profoundly, reduce pain, remove stress, control anxiety, and better understand your thought patterns. Studies show that meditation improves your attention span by promoting emotional health, helping you guide your thoughts, and fostering relaxation.

The best thing about practicing meditation to improve your concentration levels is that you can start right away. Allocate 10-15 minutes every morning to meditation and again before going to bed. Clear your head of whatever it is that’s happening around you and get in touch with your inner self. Take deep breaths. Slowly inhaling and exhaling.

Pay attention to clearing your head of negative thoughts and focusing on something positive such as a relaxing picture, or relaxing sounds. Most people find chanting out loud to be more effective than anything else while meditating. You can pick one positive word and focus on saying it out loud to fix your thoughts on the positive.

Meditation improves your focus by;

Helping you gain clarity on your thought patterns.

The best thing about meditation is that it helps you gain clarity on your thought patterns enabling you to eliminate negative thoughts and encourage positive ones. Meditation helps you recognize negative thoughts and stop them from interfering with your work. It fixes your attention on positive thoughts, boosts your mood, and gives you a positive outlook on life.

By understanding how harmful negative thinking is and clearing your head of toxic thoughts through meditation, you are better able to handle whatever situation you find yourself in and prevent bad thoughts from interfering with your work. You learn to pay attention to important things, concentrate on the task in hand, block negative thoughts, and improve your concentration.

Reducing stress.

Stress is one of the main things that make it hard for you to retain your focus while working. You may be thinking about that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you missed, that promotion you worked hard at but never received, or that investment that didn’t turn out as expected. Seeing work through or deeply focusing on what you are doing is nearly impossible if you are always stressed-out. However, practicing mindful meditation is an excellent way of reducing stress and stopping it from interfering with your work.

Research states that people who meditate have a better reaction to stress and are more likely to remain calm in stressful situations than ones who don’t.

Fostering mental and emotional wellbeing. 

The best thing about meditation is that it fixes your attention on gaining control over your emotions and thoughts which enables you to make smarter decisions that are not governed by your emotions.

Starting your day with mindful meditation gives you more control over your work and prepares you for whatever challenges, changes, or problems the day brings. It encourages you to get to work, keeps you working, and improves your attention span by getting rid of toxic thoughts, minimizing stress, and getting rid of anxiety.

Bringing out your creative side.

Studies show that 10 minutes of mindful meditation boosts creativity and keeps you coming up with original ideas and solutions to problems. It keeps you working effectively as well as efficiently by clearing your mind and helping you think from a deeper level. You can come up with brilliant ideas and execute them. You can come up with practical solutions to the problems you encounter as you work and apply them.

The best thing about bringing out your creative side is that it motivates you to work, to stretch your abilities, and test how far you can go. It encourages you to concentrate on working, discovering new ways of doing things, and maintaining your focus.

Maintaining your focus is more practical when you practice meditation and prioritize completing your most important task over everything else. Therefore, begin practicing meditation for mental clarity, improved focus, and better results from your work.

Meditation leaves you better equipped for whatever job you are doing and ensures you always deliver to the best of your abilities. So, use it to block out negative thoughts, control negative emotions, and retain your focus.

Peace, Love & Prosperity!

Mario Sousa

Heart-Centered Leadership

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