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Learning From The Past Without Getting Stuck

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It always feels like watching your life play out before you, every moment of it engraved so deeply into your memory triggering all sorts of emotion. The bright moments of it all filling us up with warmth and hope for what tomorrow might have in store for us, inspiring the idea that our best days are still yet to meet us on the way. These hopeful pictures are usually the less dwelled upon. Mostly the dark ones follow us around like a shadow, with our thoughts deeply imprisoned in them and we are the only ones who can free ourselves.

The dark moments of our past are more vivid and way easier to hold on to, they take a while to fade. If one does not make an intentional decision to let go, the past ends up influencing the decisions, paths, and the entire perception of life. You end up with no willpower to take a leap of faith, trust, or love because of hurt encountered in the past and past failures.

The past is not entirely a doom, we cannot just scratch it from our lives. It is as much a part of us as the present and the future yet to come. It plays a huge role in creating who we are today. Where you are now is all credit to who you were yesterday and all the choices you made. Our past can serve as a teaching arena, one we go back to for lessons on what we have been through and how it can help us to map the way today. It is not meant to hold you back but to make you soar and to protect you from repeating the mistakes of yesterday.

Often, instead of holding on to just the lessons our past gives us, we also keep holding on to the memories until they start replaying in the now. We focus too much on the wrong that might have been done to us until that’s all we can see play out in the present. We allow all the negatives to hold us back and make us fearful instead of analyzing what went wrong the first time and find a better strategy today. Our past should serve as a mirror to look at our actions a bit more closely to see what needs changing and working on.

Not only do we hold on to the negative parts of our past but even the good side of it can still be as harmful. Dwelling on the better days of yesterday instead of inspiring hope in us that better days are still to come can make us forget to live in the moment. It shifts us from the focus of all we have to be grateful for today. The comparison can make you appreciate less and take for granted everything your present is offering. The past is never as it seems, when we are looking back our memories are often distorted especially when we are not really in a good mental space.

Moving on from the past is a necessary step for growth to occur. Identify what is holding you back and what your connection to the particular event is. Sometimes it might be someone you haven’t forgiven yet or at times you might not have forgiven yourself. Allow yourself to feel, understand your feelings and emotional habits, and start working on letting them go because only then can it serve as a lesson. Acknowledge your emotions about your past, never bottle them up. Take time to unpack and analyze.

Never rush the process of letting go of the past. It takes time to heal, gain confidence in yourself again, trust people, and look at the past and see nothing else but a learning field. When you rush it, instead of fixing things you just end up creating a lot of unprocessed baggage that will keep weighing on you for as long as it is not cleared up. Never allow your emotions to trick you into playing the victim or you will feel exactly like one your whole life. Even after going through traumatic experiences, you are still in control of your story and your response to the events of your life. Make it one of a survivor.

Most times we are never awarded closure, do not wait for it, it will keep you stuck in the past. Focus on today. Live in the moment, reflect on your past and study it but never let it replay in your today. Reframe it and use it as a mind weapon for how you will face today. Turn past tragedies into lessons that can help you move forward and grow. There is never a better time than now to make the best out of your present armed with an arsenal of lessons from yesterday.

Peace, Love & Prosperity!

Mario Sousa

Heart-Centered Leadership

My team and I are on a mission to lead other like-minded, heart-centered business leaders that are ready to make a bigger impact in their personal lives, their communities and around the world. Please review the information below and reach out to me personally with any questions you might have. The future looks extremely bright, if you see what I see, let's work together.

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