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How Mindfulness Can Help You To Live In The Moment

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The moment you utter the word “mindfulness” in certain crowds, eyeballs are bound to roll. Yet it is a simple word and it is one of the methods that help us to live in the moment, to embrace the Now. Simply put, mindfulness just implies awareness or consciousness of life and things around you. It simply implies being there, being fully present as to fully know and feel what is going in that instant without any judgment. No wonder we can see that being mindful is one of the key ways to fully live in the now.

Our minds always waver and wander from one thought to the next, one worry to another. Life sometimes feels like a series of problems to solve. Most of us spend life jumping from hoop to hoop, unaware of the direction where we are headed and why. This is the life of unmindful people. Their thoughts are not focused on the present, they are being blown to and from by complex emotions, passions, worries, and addictions. This is what we can call a mindless type of living, where one goes about like an automaton: life in autopilot mode.

Explaining the close relationship between the now and a mindful state, the motivational writer Deepak Chopra says, “What people call 'the now' is actually the disappearance of time as a psychological obstacle. When the obstacle is removed, you are no longer burdened by the past or the future – you have found the mindful state (and happiness too – the kind that needs neither words nor thoughts)"

As we enter the state of mindfulness, we get into a frame where only the present moments count. The past and future remain unimportant abstracts in the flow of things. Mindfulness is much like a photograph that only captures a particular instant, detached from the last or next second. This means letting go of the past whether it was golden or riddled with mistakes. It also entails ridding ourselves of all those crippling worries about the future. In a mindful state, all we have is the now, and we do our best to make the most out of it as we focus deeply.

As we said above when in the state of mindfulness, our mind is more conscious of things around us and of the flow of energies. This means that we are free to grab wonderful opportunities as they come. An open mind and an open eye offer a greater perspective and insight. Curiosity and enthusiasm are never lacking for a mindful person. This ameliorates our decision-making process. In the end, we make better decisions and choices that allow us to enjoy the present fully and explore every possible avenue of the road to happiness.

With better choices and a life without regret, we enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Some researchers have found that people who practice mindfulness tend to be healthier and have a robust immune system. It is not really surprising since a relaxed and stress-free body can function well and release toxins efficiently. With a healthy body and a healthy mind, we are in a position to freely enjoy the present moment. The benefits of mindfulness are plenty, as you can see. From a healthier lifestyle to healthier relationships. People enjoy being around those who are seemingly at one with themselves.

It is pretty clear that mindfulness can really help us enjoy life fully. But how can we reach a state of mindfulness? There are many methods to get to mindfulness. One of the key ways is to practice meditation. As Pythagoras once put it, "Learn to be silent. Let your quiet mind listen and absorb." This means we have to find time to fully listen to what is going on inside. To still one's thoughts is to open up one's perception, to get rid of useless thoughts and deafening noises in our heads. This helps with concentration and focus. Focus on your breathing first, and let this lead you to a quieter and calmer place below the roaring surface of your mind.

Another very effective way to get to mindfulness is journaling. When we write things we see or feel, our minds learn to be focused. To clearly express oneself on paper requires quiet introspection. In this state, the mind learns to focus on one specific thought or action and follows it through all the background noise of everyday life. With time, our minds assume this constant level of focus until mindfulness becomes our constant state.

There are tons of ways for one to focus their thoughts. Some prefer walking alone in nature, cycling, or hiking. Whatever methods get rid of all the haunting thoughts and worries, try to apply it. If we attain a state of mindfulness, our lives will be much brighter, happier, and fulfilling. Shun mindless living. Let us continue to be in the Now by being mindful.

Peace, Love & Prosperity!

Mario Sousa

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