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Entrepreneurship Can Raise A Generation Of Problem Solvers

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The world is a global think tank that has to keep up with the dynamics of human evolution. We are always seeking better ways of accomplishing tasks because our minds are built for invention and innovation.

The birth of electronic mail came from the need for faster ways of communication. By then, many relied on letters for contacting people in their personal and business spheres. Although letters were an effective way of communication and an improvement from earlier systems, delivery was often slow and sometimes important documents got lost in the mailing system. Instantaneous messaging became the focus to make sure people had faster ways of accessing important information. The invention of mobile phones dealt with the restrictions of cables that came with antiquated models of the telephone. People could now move around while making calls to their peers.

Many examples in history have given us advanced technologies and improvements in goods and service delivery. We can talk about the invention of the internet or new designs in the fashion industry and the advancements we see in the transport system, with the invention of better, faster, and more efficient cars.

These solutions became possible because of people who found gaps in existing systems and filled them; providing better models and making profits by supplying solutions for improvement.

The heart of entrepreneurship is problem-solving. Most successful entrepreneurs in history and to date saw a need in the market and met that need. They see gaps in the supply chain and are quick to fill them, making a profit by ensuring customer satisfaction.

Many founding companies today find themselves at the mercy of pop-up startups addressing issues that they have not catered for in all their years of service. Entrepreneurs are always seeking creative ways to do business whilst the big corporations resist change in favor of comfort and experience. This is how many new companies emerge more powerful in modern times.

A perfect example is Zoom overtaking Skype, one of the first companies to offer video calling services for the last two decades. During the vicious coronavirus pandemic, many businesses resorted to virtual meetings to mitigate the spread of the virus. How did Zoom achieve the feat of taking down such a giant like Skype? This is because the company identified gaps in the quality of service from Skype and made relevant improvements, much to customer satisfaction.

Entrepreneurship is about meeting the demands for improved services by customers. It is about understanding what the clientele needs but cannot find elsewhere, and going all out in providing it. This requires a consistent study of the market and a willingness to offer solutions to problems identified.

The myths around entrepreneurship.

Many have great ideas to solve problems they have encountered with existing technologies and systems but lack the confidence and the courage to flesh out their ideas to offer solutions. This is because we think entrepreneurship is for a chosen few. We think it is for those who have the skills or the education and pre-existing connections for it. While sometimes these are requirements to ensure quality services, it takes a passion for the vision, hard work, and a willingness to take risks for you to become an entrepreneur. The rest are add-ons that can get you the right attention. Some entrepreneurs we admire did not have the proper credentials and faced rejection when they presented their ideas. It was their passion to provide solutions and a sense of purpose that make them worth mentioning today. You do not always have to have the skill or the connections to launch your big idea. Sometimes you just need faith in the solutions you offer, a tenacious attitude, and competent staff, and you are halfway there.

Entrepreneurship is not only about starting your own business, however. You can still have an entrepreneurial mindset while working for an existing organization. You can find creative ways to discover problems or gaps within your organization’s system and offer solutions that improve how you do business. Innovation is not limited to individual projects. We can also cultivate it in the workplace. All you need is passion, hard work, resourcefulness, and the mindset of a problem solver.

Entrepreneurship and the future.

Embracing the spirit of entrepreneurship has many benefits to the future of humanity. A few years from now, most of the technology we love today will be obsolete. Problems will continue to arise because nothing is foolproof. People will have more needs that current service providers may not meet. While our designs will continue to improve, change will continue to demand new inventions and more improvements. So, cultivating entrepreneurship in younger generations is vital for the survival of future world economies.


If you wire your mind towards problem-solving, you will get far in ensuring that you meet the needs that will continue to arise around you. To breakthrough as an entrepreneur, nurture creativity by allowing your imagination the freedom to color in possibilities. Sometimes that means starting from a blank canvas and inventing a new product. Other times, you continue the work of others who have gone before you, making improvements.

Entrepreneurship is the gateway for mankind to continue making strides towards achieving bigger feats and making meaningful contributions that will go down in the history books. The key is having successive generations that adapt to change and tackle the problems instead of shunning them. The key is having problem solvers willing to offer solutions and meet people’s ever-changing needs.

Peace, Love & Prosperity!

Mario Sousa

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