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Dealing With Things That Steal Your Focus

· Leadership
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The only way of completing tasks, meeting deadlines as well as accomplishing what you are set out to accomplish is by working on your concentration levels. If you focus on what you are doing and maintain your focus as you work, you can achieve anything.

Nonetheless, maintaining your focus throughout the day isn’t easy. It is something you need to work hard at and requires a lot of effort on your part. It requires you to recognize the main things that steal your focus and eliminate them. So, what steals your focus? What causes you to easily go off track when working?

Knowing the common things that distract you from your work is the best way of improving your focus levels and maintaining focus throughout the day. It is the only way of doing so.

Top 5 ways of dealing with things that steal your focus.

1. Know your distractions and eliminate them.

Knowing the main things that steal your focus is the best way of dealing with distractions. So, identify what those things are and get rid of them. If multitasking, procrastinating, or constantly checking on your phone always gets in the way of concentrating on what you are working on and seeing it through, deal with it.

Meaning, you stop multitasking and focus on doing one thing at a time. You avoid procrastinating, prioritize meeting deadlines, and doing what needs to be done when you are supposed to. You turn off notifications on your phone, go offline, or simply switch it off until you are done with your work.

2. Have a schedule and stick to it.

One of the things that make it nearly impossible for you to retain your focus throughout the day is that you don’t have a fixed schedule. Having a daily schedule gives you more control over your work and enables you to effectively manage your day. You know what your goal is and are well aware of the most important goals you are supposed to accomplish before the end of the day and so, you focus on them.

The most effective way of dealing with things that steal your focus is by sticking to your schedule no matter what. Therefore, learn to say “This can wait” or “This is not as important as what I intend to accomplish” when distractions come.

3. Declutter your mind.

The best way of handling things that distract you from your work is by decluttering your mind and you achieve this by controlling your thoughts. Control what goes on inside your head by eliminating negative thoughts, sheltering positive ones, and freeing your mind of things that have the potential to harm your work. Learn to only think about your present task when working and avoid trying to resolve that dispute you have with your coworker, for instance. You can always deal with that after finishing your task.

One thing that makes it nearly impossible to control your thoughts and focus on getting work done is that those “other” things that you are concerned about are also crucial matters or at least seem that way. Understand that dealing with one thing at a time is the only way of effectively solving issues, clearing your mind, retaining your focus as you work, and finishing what you start.

4. Control your work environment. 

A messy desk can make it difficult to retain your focus when working. Therefore, make it a point to always tidy up your desk, clear your drawers, and ensure everything is in order before beginning your work. Controlling your external environment is key to minimizing distractions, improving your attention span, sustaining your focus as well as getting things done on time.

5. Avoid the internet. 

The internet is a breeding ground for distractions. It is filled with all things that can get you from “I need to get this done in an hour” to “I have enough time” and “I deserve a break.” Avoiding the internet while working is the best way of upholding your focus. It is the most effective way of dealing with the most common things that steal your focus. Such as social media, hourly emails, notifications from your favorite sites, apps and product recommendations, etc.

Making time for any of these things while you work steals your time, harms your concentration levels, and leads to “I can work on this tomorrow.” So, avoid the internet when working and concentrate on what you are doing. You can always get back to it when you are done with the present task.

If your work requires you to use the internet 99 percent of the time, you can still minimize online distractions by being strict with yourself. Control your browsing habits, turn off notifications, have a minimum number of open pages per task, and search for things that are related to what you are doing.

Your success, progress, as well as productivity depend on how effective you are at dealing with things that steal your focus therefore, eliminate distractions, have a daily schedule, control your environment, and improve your focus.

Peace, Love & Prosperity!

Mario Sousa

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