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Balancing Your Focus On All Areas Of Your Life

· Leadership
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Life is not easy for the majority of adults everywhere around the world. While finances are a common problem for many, there’s also spiritual, social, health, family, and other issues. How all these are handled often depends on our priorities. Sadly, most people tend to either forget or turn a blind eye to the fact that most if not all our areas of life are somehow related and more importantly, their combination plays a significant role in how valuable we become as individuals. 

Note, however, that this does not mean that our value as individuals is determined by any of these areas of life. Rather, the point is that some parts of a human being's life are vital for their survival and sanity. And, there are so many people who recognize that fact and would find satisfaction or contentment in having all these areas of a life well balanced but they find themselves struggling to strike that balance. 

Finding a balance in these areas of life means that you handle them in a way that each one of them gets the attention it needs and at the right time. In setting priorities, people tend to mark some areas of their lives as more important than others. Of course, that is bound to happen because we may not be able to do it all at the same time. But that does not mean that we should completely forget about everything else and focus on what we believe is more important at a particular time. For example, many believe that they would first have to be "financially stable" or own certain things before they can start focusing on other things like "enjoying life", spending time with family, or starting one. While prioritizing in such a manner is not a problem in itself, it has left many devastated. Why is that? What are the effects of putting everything else on hold while we pursue one of our many goals? 

Life is unpredictable. We can never be sure what to expect in the next minute. A problem arises when we become rigid in how we live life. What devastates most people who are not flexible in their prioritization is that they are often not ready to accept anything else other than what they have set their minds on. As a result, when the unexpected happens, it feels to them like they are losing it all and have failed in life. What then makes it even harder for them is that while they were focusing on this one goal, they neglected the other areas of their lives that would have been a solid support system for them. How about as you focus on building a career, making money, or starting a family you also focus on your spiritual life, mental health, social life, and building other relationships?

The family, career, and money that you are working on will require you to be mentally stable and spiritually fit to maintain. In case any of those goals failed, you would still need to be emotionally intelligent and spiritually fit to find a way forward without losing your mind. You also need to consider the possibility of creating relationships that can turn into business partnerships as you learn to socialize with others and also learning new things that can help you find the best way possible to reaching your goals. 

Also, ‘I have heard people say I have not achieved enough in life to start spoiling myself’, ‘I would be happy if I start earning this much’ or, ‘my family deserves better so I will not rest until I get them certain things or can afford to do this much for them’. As much as all those are signs of dedication and maybe care as well, there are downsides to it. As we are making those choices, are we being careful not to make them on behalf of others too? You might be thinking you are doing it for them when your absence is killing them inside. Are we also being careful that we do not sacrifice all of ourselves to try to please or take care of others? Are we also being careful not to miss out on things we should be enjoying now? Sacrificing too much of ourselves for others has negative impacts on our well-being especially when what we do is not appreciated or reciprocated. Take care of yourself while you still can and help others where you need to. 

Balancing your focus in all areas of life requires you to live in the moment. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for you or your loved ones. You are also not guaranteed that things will only get better. If you do not live now, you may not get another chance to do so tomorrow and you may leave your family wishing you had done things differently or vice versa. You do not even know what circumstances may be faced in the future that may lead to you earning less or nothing at all. This is not meant to discourage you or encourage spending recklessly. Instead, as you plan and save for tomorrow, make it a point that every day counts for you and your loved ones. 

Earlier I mentioned how a balanced life adds more value to our being. This point kind of sums up everything. Imagine yourself being able to make money, give attention to your family, take care of yourself, and be mentally healthy at the same time. It is something some people cannot start to imagine but it is possible and, as we take care of our spirituality and mental health, our relationships with others and our performance as we take on tasks improve. 

Peace, Love & Prosperity! 

Mario Sousa

Heart-Centered Leadership

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